Improved shelf-life by combining changes to the production process and new technologies

Combination of different technologies to improve the shelf-life of fresh pasta. The spoilage of fresh...

Effect of pulsed light on structure and safety of fresh egg pasta

Pulsed light is a novel, non-thermal technology for the decontamination of food. It uses short...

Innovation in drying process of pasta

The more advanced innovations in pasta manufacturing have been directed to optimize the drying process The...




Packaging of meat and sausage

For small and large companies of the meat processing industry Multivac developed a variety of made-to-measure solutions for the packaging of meat, ham and...


Bio-based plastic aseptic carton

Tetra Pak announces the launch of a new version of Tetra Brik Aseptic 1000 Edge with Bio-based LightCap 30. This is the first aseptic...


Filling of creams and sauces technolgy by CMI

With more than 30 years of experience in the bottling and development of latest technologies, CMI Food Tech Division offers a complete range of...

Grinder and breaker


Valorization of winemaking by-products in the production of jelly candies

The winemaking industry is wide represented in Republic of Moldavia and Romania. The processing of...

Bakery, vegetable flour for the market’s new needs

High protein content vegetable flour for the bakery industry, and much more

Behind the symposium: an overview on winemaking by-products and their valorisation for the food sector

Winemaking industry and distilleries generate millions of tons of by-products per year all over the...

Nanotechnologies, ongoing applications

New food products and, mainly, packaging materials offering better performances. Nanotechnologies are breaking through even...

Bacterial resistance,which are the risks for consumers of animal food?

Antimicrobials are valuable allies to effectively defeat bacterial infections in humans and animals. Their discovery...


Eco-compatible surfaces

CoverPlus is the solution proposed by Ecomat (owner of the brand Oltremateria) for creating eco-friendly surfaces in all working and processing environments, food industry...

Cadalpe heat exchangers


Cheese cutters

Caseartecnica Bartoli offers a wide range of cheese cutting machines suitable for cutting hard and semi-hard cheese, with automatic models for professional packers, and...

Cheese aging racks by IFT

Packaging of dairy products

Cheese making vats