Precise filling solutions

Bizerba’s portfolio now includes filling systems. Following the merger with the Swiss company Bush, the...

Centrifugal pre-kneader for different flours

In the world of pasta, Storci holds a patent that revolutionised dough premixing: Premix. It...

Plants for long pasta

Pavan started its activity 70 years ago with the construction of dry pasta production plants...

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Lobe pumps for chocolate

OMAC lobe pumps of the B, BB/BA, and BE series are ideal for the production of chocolate, as confirmed by the last supply to...


Packaging of meat and sausage

For small and large companies of the meat processing industry Multivac developed a variety of made-to-measure solutions for the packaging of meat, ham and...


Rotary labelling machines

Simac, manufacturer of linear and rotary labelling machines, is active on the Italian and international market. The Company also provides technical assistance and spare...

Sustainable packaging


Clean steam generator

The new range of Spirax Sarco Clean steam generator consist of compact and ready-to-install units designed to produce 300 kg/h to 600 kg/h of...

Jam mixer


Food industry and dust explosion risk

Thermal stability problems and, consequently, explosive events may occur in the food industry, when organic...

Valorization of winemaking by-products in the production of jelly candies

The winemaking industry is wide represented in Republic of Moldavia and Romania. The processing of...

Bakery, vegetable flour for the market’s new needs

High protein content vegetable flour for the bakery industry, and much more

Behind the symposium: an overview on winemaking by-products and their valorisation for the food sector

Winemaking industry and distilleries generate millions of tons of by-products per year all over the...

Nanotechnologies, ongoing applications

New food products and, mainly, packaging materials offering better performances. Nanotechnologies are breaking through even...


Revalorization of vine-shoots wastes

Their vineyard foliar application affects the grape and wine volatile pool. Introduction Recently, there is a trend towards a Sustainable Viticulture, where the conservation of...

Filling machine

Beer bottles inspection


Rennet powder and liquid and paste rennet

Bellucci rennet powder is available in a variety of compositions, for the production of fresh (low concentration rennet) and mature cheese (higher concentration), or...

New carton bottle

Rotary lobe pumps